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To Chop or Not to Chop

I have big, curly, frizzy hair ever since I was born. And being terrified of peroxides, I never had it straightened or colored. In the 80s, I was so at ease and comfortable with it, when big hair was all the rage and frizzy all over didn’t create much of a buzz. Over the years as big hair became unfashionable and big soft waves became the new fab. I had a long dilemma over what to do with my hair.

Being curly and having a big round face to go with my big hair, there were only two things I can do with my hair. Well, three but let me first tell you the two. I can wear it extra long so that it frames my face fully, or extra short so that the curls are not showing. Having something in the middle was a mess, as it creates a sort of undecided ‘do, and it is really that. I can tie it in a bun, but I need to really pull the strands tight so that there isn’t much frizz around my face. If I don’t it’s like having my own crowning light, literally. And I very seldom have it short because it just pronounces my big face.

But, now that I am in my early thirties and getting tired of buying all those hair products that cost a fortune, I finally decided to take the plunge and had it chopped. Yes! I felt free and fresh! And I thought, all those years of bothering about conventions have limited me from trying out the many different short hairstyles, there are! At this point, I feel empowered, and so totally in control of my future. Now, all I need to worry is my expanding waistline, so I’m in pursuit in finding the extreme weight loss pills that work effectively without depleting my wallet.

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