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The Last Resort

Conscience and responsibility are what should take us to regular visits to the doctor, but in most cases, it is pain that has this effect. People have a high tolerance to it, and they can perform their daily tasks without giving in, even though it is clear that the condition will only get worse. Pain is just the consequence of an underlying problem and when this is ignored, there is a good chance that it will grow out of proportions.

Those who spend a lot of time in front of the PC or work in an office for most of their lives, will develop back problems. Left untreated, they will get worse and in the end, the Open back surgery can become inevitable, something that will worry the patient a lot. There is a good reason for him to worry as this is a procedure that although has become routine, can have some long-term effects, and it is pretty painless.

Add to this that in most cases you will need a long period to recover just to be able to perform your basic functions, and you’ve got a clear view at the big picture. Avoiding open back surgery is good only when you have an alternative that can solve the problem in a less painful way, because further ignoring the problem is a huge mistake. A minimally invasive back surgery is recommended, and if you have a doctor capable of performing this advanced procedure, it is much better than the traditional method.

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