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I must admit that for the past couple of months I nearly deserted my gym membership and barely dragged my feet to go for exercise. I used to go to the gym early in the morning and have a 60-minute workout to keep myself fit but lately, the lazy bone hit me, and I am horribly lethargic.

I understand that this kind of dormancy is noxious and therefore, I was trying to reactivate my enthusiasm by enrolling to a yoga class in our neighborhood. I was even considering a Zumba class for another option in order to maximize the results and to avoid hitting the plateau. Hitherto, my commitment to get back on track is highly consuming, so I’d better take advantage of this proper timing to get engrossed.

Honestly, yoga was not on my nelly hence never realized how essential it is to have a sterling yoga mat at this point after performing my yoga practice. The thickness and the length is important considering that you will be using your knees for an extended time, on top of that it brings you comfort while laying down. As a result and to make the story short, I invested for a top-notch yoga mat that I found online and thus far, I’m pleased with it. I will make a yoga review on my other post soon.


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