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I am totally addicted with stripes these days. I believe nothing is a lot more classic looking compared to jeans along with a striped Bateau tee in the spring time or even summer!

It’s a brilliant approach to spend money on a couple of strong striped items for springtime and summer months and I have lashed collectively a couple of looks- one laid-back and very reasonably priced, one a bit of fancier but ludicrously expensive. Therefore I’m ready to gear up for the summer.

Casual Look

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When it comes to men’s apparel, I deem to be a little wiser. I like dressing up guys, giving makeovers to the most types of guys as I have plenty of experience having grown up with 2 brothers and cousins as well as trying to get a makeover for hubby.

I did my best to get along with the boys – rocking OshKosh B’Gosh overalls virtually each day while enjoying the outdoor activities, creating castles and stuff like that. Since I would not let my mother comb my tresses, I additionally experienced the delightful in rocking a mullet for quite some time during my childhood days.

Obviously, I was not literally the nitty-gritty of a typical woman when I was a child. However, as a consequence of everything that involves the male environment, I could simply understand “guys” I guess. I adore my male buddies, have been charged of behaving or thinking just like a “guy” and occasionally connect with them a lot better than girls. Only in some cases :) Continue Reading


We were enjoying our brief walk with my little Koala, and I ran into this sign pasted in the light post on the street. While reading it, I was teary eyed and did clutch my hand to my heart and say “Oh my!! how sweet!”. I thought to myself that this is one of the most romantic things I ever see.

Nonetheless, it helps give me a manifestation of hope about love and existence as well as most of us of general. This type of open public declaration of a profound love and admiration along with dire or desperate search for “the one that got away” are the sort of things you would imagine that could solely take place in the films.

Well, let me reveal the evidence that it doesn’t- and that put a smile on my face like a total idiot. I find it so charming that somebody pastes signs on your block so that he will find and see you once again? Is anybody happened to swoon right at this moment, in case you are right now, be aware that this is a knee-buckling sort of love story that makes most ladies lose their wits.

Whoever Katie is, let’s hope that she will be able to see this note on the light post, and she will call him. Realizing that this type of things don’t occur quite frequently and besides, there isn’t a bevy of guys around who would make a move as romantic and sweet as this.

Letter post


My sister sent me a page ripped from a magazine a week ago with all the note “I found interesting to post in your blog”. Excitedly, I used the scanner at home to get a picture of it for posting and began laughing right away. My first notion was, is this a joke? Yet, in fact, it is not.

Apparently, this is a handbag referred to as Wooly Vagabond, designed to carry around plants. Yup, you read it right, but this is not used to transport plants instead, it is used to tote around plants as an accessory. What! Are you serious? I’m a fan of recycling and saving the planet but this one looks simply ridiculous.

What do you think if you happen to encounter a lady toting her plant purse – what I’m saying is, if I saw somebody holding her purse like this, I would certainly think that she had forgotten to take her medications.

Wooly Vagabond bag
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Weekend is almost coming everyone, and I could say that weekend is my most awaited day of the week as this is the time to have family bonding and eating out with family.

Anyway, on the other hand, a friend of mine has talked on several instances with regard to these silly Family stickers, we frequently see off the road. Actually, it doesn’t bother me at all, but I just feel that they are kind of lame and fug. I don’t know about you guys, what is your stand on this matter? Below is the display of what I found to date.

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deodorant stainI’m sure lot of us have the peculiar knack to get something off on every bit of clothes we own. Regardless of whether it’s something we accidentally get straight into our mouth or perhaps applying excessive deodorant in a rush, it is constantly something.

Nevertheless, simply because we have not furnished with more than enough stain remover supplies inside our home does not imply we cannot be considered a champ in battling the stain.

Certainly, your own mom or even the label of one’s treasured sweater has mentioned pretty much everything, but only a reminder that whenever you’re battling with stain you need to: Continue Reading


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