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One for the Shorties

Inside my make believe fantasies, I can actually sashay a pair of teeny-weeny denim cutoffs as good as Amanda Kerr. Throughout my walking existence, I’m doomed with moderately shortish stems that I usually wind up concealing under boot-cut black pants (yawn) and gearing up my Nike Dunks for casuals.

I’ve often acknowledged that being tall has its own positive aspects. It’s tough to never realize any time you’re prompted of it your entire life gazing upon the back of someone’s scalp at live shows or concert events. Or simply being directed on the prominent line of school snap shots, under no circumstances having a pair of jeans that didn’t require hemming, and so on.

At this point, I’ve found out that individuals that tower above us not merely get hold of better sights and get no trouble store shopping, but they even get compensated a lot more and live longer, as well! It makes myself ponder precisely how beneficial being tall is in our modern culture and for folks that happen to be substandard in height generally grab the short end of the stick.

One Response to “One for the Shorties”

  1. shydub says:

    halu tsang naka suroy na sd ko, sus naunsa nga gikapoy naman ko ug bloghop tsang, sensya na. ako ra nya ni ibalik akong energy sa blogging, na adik ko sa facebook na sd uy. visit ko diri tsang

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