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Language Barrier does not Exist

The surroundings was muggy and dense, an acrid smell of diesel gas, grilled yams, along with other seaport specials treats. I was been rubber-necking for several hours, walking around the fast paced roads of Kowloon submerged in cultural zest.

The time had come to find my way returning to the hotel for a bit of rest and relaxation before venturing out for a brief sass-and-class jazz passion.

ice cream and french friesIn an attempt to rejuvenate my not appropriately hydrated, overpowered system, I strolled across the Star Ferry promenade— one of my preferred places in Tsimshatsui — towards Canton Road, trying to find something to satiate my craving. I noticed the Golden Arches alongside the Salisbury Road and decided to head my way to the restaurant.

It was packed and raucous, a familiar scenario back home. I asked for a Diet soda while sitting down at a table with a group of people— seemed like they are family of four that includes mom, dad, and a little brother and sister, aged about 5 and 6. I approached all of them with a warm hello, instantly noting they didn’t converse on English after they delivered my greetings with bows and huge smiles.

I sipped my Coke from the glass unable to remember to get a straw. The kids were charming I became captivated through the frivolity and admiration stemming from their faces.

I noticed as the boy snapped off his fries, dunked it straight into his ice cream cone, and started drinking. I pondered whether his action making use of the fry as a straw was really working. I’m sure the perplexed look on my face was evident when, suddenly, he grabbed one more fries from the heap and passed it to myself.

I intuitively realized his objective, to bite off the tips, and straight into my Softdrink, I put down the fry. Together with a smile and a wink, I nodded to the kid to express my confirmation that it did work. I will certainly remember the smile he returned.

This particular simple body language by a young kid helped me understand that conversation emanates from inside and language obstacles actually do not exist so long as we pay attention by our hearts.

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