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Keep it Natural

We like to think that we care about the environment, and that we are ready to take action to protect it when needed, even if this meant to sacrifice our comfort and even money in the process. There is one case when we do not spend money or energy to keep things natural, and we will even reap the benefits while keeping the planet healthy. A compost bin is not a sophisticated machine, but what it achieves is remarkable and the best thing is that anyone can afford one.

If you wonder what happens to all the yard trimmings and food residuals, you should know that most ends up in the landfill, polluting the environment. Inside the compost bin, it will be transformed into a rich nutriment for the plants, at speeds that are vastly superior to what happens in nature. What the compost bin does is to create the ideal conditions for certain bacteria to grow and decompose all this debris at an accelerated pace.

In a matter of months or even weeks, you will have the compost bin full of hummus, which loosens soil, is not stressful for the roots and retains water. While the plants will extract the nutrients, they need and spread their roots freely, you will not pay anymore for chemical fertilizers or disposal fees. If you think of the long run, you won’t miss the fact that chemical fertilizers are made from oil, which is not a sustainable resource and which is quickly running out.

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