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Can You Smell Trouble?

Sometimes we are blinded by the aggressive marketing, and if we are exposed for enough time to the advertising campaigns, we tend to let out mind idle and choose without thinking. We put a lot of emphasis on keeping the house and all the items inside clean and tidy, because we care about both the aesthetics and the possible impact on the health. What we ignore are what kind of products we are using to clean the sheets, wash the clothes or drapes and remove the stains from our carpets.

If the cleaning products get the job done, and they leave a pleasant scent behind, we consider ourselves lucky to have stumbled across such a product and try to remember its name. We automatically assume that a pleasant smell has to be natural, hence healthy, when in reality, it is the other way around. A detergent can’t smell like flowers and still be even remotely natural, because there are no flowers or extracts used to make it.

There are only potentially harmful chemicals that we inhale each time we smell our newly washed clothes. To put things into perspective and think this issue through is not easy, specially with some people falling easily for absurd claims, that state for example, that your clothes will smell like the evening breeze. Most of us have no clue if there is such a thing as an evening breeze, not to mention the absurdity of the statement that it has a defining scent. Using cleaning products that smell nice, is as healthy as to buy step stools with rusted nails popping out, simply because we find the color they are painted in, lovely.

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