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Being the Boss at Home

No matter how important your job is and how stressful the office hours. You should return home knowing that is your sanctuary where you can relax. This sounds like common sense and in theory, everyone can apply this, but reality paints a very different picture. While we have to obey the instructions given by the boss during office hours, we sometimes force ourselves doing things we don’t necessarily want when we are at home. We do them because we know that they are the right thing to do.

Conscience can be a far more severe boss than what we’re pitting against at the office, because there is no way to deceive it. Still, this doesn’t mean that we should become the slaves of our routine and every now and then, we should reconsider our position and try to make our life better. Excessive cleaning is usually the direct result of a phobia of disease that is not based on solid facts, but rather rumors.

They say we shouldn’t believe everything we hear on TV, but when the information scares us bad enough, we are instantly converted into believers. Just like we don’t rush to the phone and order the latest Téléphones cellulaires imported from France, simply because a commercial tells us to, we should double check everything. Instead of vacuuming all day and scrubbing the floors like crazy, we could just as well lay back and relax, because a weekly cleaning will be more than enough to keep us safe.

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