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As Close as it Gets

Kids love their toys, with cars, airplanes and tanks playing a central role in their lives, but in some people this passion never subsides. When you see the way, these plastic models look today, it is impossible to blame them, and you will feel an overwhelming urge to own one yourself. There are so many types of vehicles available for sale, that unless you have a very common and uninteresting type of car, there is a good chance to find plastic models that replicate yours. You don’t have to be filthy rich to have your private jet, and as long as they are made from plastic, military airplanes are also available.

Such a generous diversity will only stir up passions, and this is how collectors are born. Many start with just one vehicle they receive from a friend, while others see a collection of plastic models in a friend’s house. It is more than enough to make them interested in this wonderful world, and the most dedicated ones will orient all their energy to expand their own collections. Some of these vehicles don’t come already installed, so you need to combine the pieces and even paint them, so it gets even more exciting.

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