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Are Abstinence Panties Simply Too Much?

How far can fashion go and which are the limits that shouldn’t be crossed, if there is any? These questions are progressively popular these days when actors, singers and sportsmen are launching increasingly aggressive lines of clothing. In terms of style and elegance, these products such as Nelly’s apple bottoms line and similar garments score high marks, and the public loves them, regardless of age and musical background.

Some ideas though generated a lot of turmoil and the opposing sides are equally vocal in presenting their case, with reconciliation being seemingly impossible. The abstinence panties, with slogans such as “Not Tonight” or “Dream on” were regarded by their promoters as an easy way to open lines of conversation between mothers and daughters. This kind of discussions is supposed to make the young girls aware about the importance of the decisions, they make regarding their sexuality and to arm them with the knowledge that should enable them to make wise choices.

The critics argue that the message is promoting abstinence instead of teaching them how to protect themselves by using birth control or condoms. Since there is no real choice involved, the mothers are pretty much dictating the daughters what to do, and experience proved countless times that this doesn’t work. With the marketing campaign depicting young girls wearing this panties and placing a lot of emphasis on the visual effect, the detractors felt that it pretty much defeats the purpose, making it all about money.

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