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Absolute Interior Protection

The more you drive the more interested you are in making the car a place where you will feel comfortable and safe. Besides the standard features that you are aware of the moment you place the order, there will be several details to take care of and some accessories will require special maintenance. You would not feel well in a filthy house, and the same applies to your car, so keeping it spotless is the number one priority.

Eating and drinking inside is not recommendable, but those who spend most of their time on the road know that these actions are virtually inevitable. Drinks do spill while you drive, and small portions of your food will occasionally fall on the mats, ending up in a vast majority of cases, under your shoes. Surprising enough the standards floor mats do not always fit as well as you would think and in some cases, lack the needed friction to the carpet.

If you want to protect the carpet and prevent any leakage due to spills or snow melting under your feet, help yourself to some Toyota rav4 custom floor mats. The costs are reasonable and the moment you replace your old mats with these ones, you will realize the difference and appreciate the comfort they deliver. Custom floor mats feel perfectly and are fitted with channels meant to carry the liquids to a reservoir, away from your shoes and clothes, so that the cleaning process is swift and no traces are left.

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